Board Certified Functional Neurology

(always check for the DACNB credentials)

DACNB board certification is a post doctorate diplomate designation that doctors around the world are rigorously tested for once a year via a series of exams to verify competency in the field of functional neurology.  There is alot of training that goes into earning a DACNB after one’s name and alot of continuing education to remain competent and up to speed. This is why some countries will have more DACNB doctors than others.

Unfortunately, now days everyone wants to slap on the label “neurology” or “brain boosting”, etc. Doctors that have a DACNB after their name are truly qualified and have passed all of the rigorous training and testing. There are a limited number DACNB doctors that not only specialize, but have the credentials to back their effectiveness.

A doctor practicing functional neurology is highly trained in the brain and the concomitant nervous system on a Postdoctorate level.  This is important to you, the patient, because the brain controls and regulates every action in the body in some way. This type of doctor is specially trained to detect subtle hints at things that are affecting the body in such a way that these subtle, often unnoticed events, may be caught before symptoms appear even.

For already present symptoms, this specialty field is very well equipped and has been involved in helping many people from your average guy to our famed NHL star Sidney Crosby. Please click here to see more symptoms helped.

DACNB board certified functional neurology has been involved in many situations with many people. Since it does not use a cookie cutter treatment method and each case is unique, please feel free to phone the office: 778-860- MIND
to discuss a unique case. (6463)

Of course, the human body can be optimized via proper balance leading to increased performance of all organs and systems for athletes, kids, and the adult just wanting a higher quality of life and wishing to help turn away from disease.

Young patient whose parents had spent many hours and thousands of dollars taking her to doctors with no effective results until she saw Dr. Sullins for treatment of some common issues in children and adults.


Contact Dr. Sullins today who is trained and board certified in functional neurology and has worked on hundreds of cases with other DACNB doctors!


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Optimize = to maximize health and may decrease disease

The human brain is the end all and be all of how the body functions.  In short, a balanced brain may allow the many areas of the brain to properly regulate the organs and other parts of the body to reduce stress and disease in the body.

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From the beginning, the brain goes through a series of constant changes to develop learning and other processes.  This transformation is what we call neuroplasticity and it can be used to balance the brain in a manner that optimizes learning and focus.  Learning brain imbalances are often given simple titles with little explanation of what is actually going on.  At North Shore Brain Balancing, you will receive an explanation and treatment options that you may have never encountered in the past.

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The Cerebellum in the brain is where most input starts into the brain and it is very crucial, because if there is an imbalance in the cerebellum then there will be an imbalance 'downstream' in the rest of the brain.

The cerebellum imbalance is fun to watch experience it get better as it is a very tangible thing.  A persons actual balance is tied straight to the cerebellum, so when that part of the brain gets better it is directly reflected in a person's balance.  Go ahead, stand on a piece of foam and test your balance now, likely you will notice yourself swaying left or right, or even front and back which is another issue.

Those of you that are active know this sense of balance and not only how it can affect performance, but also decrease chances of injury drastically, both on a micro and macro trauma level.