Brain-Based Evaluations

Dr. Sullins will perform an exam custom tailored to you. You will be getting the most appropriate exam for you.  This will likely include a DACNB functional neurology exam that you have never received before to determine the best form of treatment. It will likely be the most comprehensive exam that you have ever received!

Remember the analogy that of the roadways going to very specific destinations just as the brain pathways go to very specific areas and have very specific functions. 

Due to his advanced worldwide training, you will likely experience a treatment that you probably have not experienced anywhere else. He goes beyond ‘aligning the spine’ or ‘moving the bones off the pinched nerve’ and delivers an approach that may maximizes the health of everyone from kids, to athletes, to adults.  Please click here or visit the 'hear what others have to say' tab.


Dr. Sullins has had many success stories and clinical exposure to a wide variety of conditions (please click here or see 'symptoms' tab).