Brain-Based Treatment

At North Shore Brain Balancing, the focus will be activating and balancing.  You may say, “I have not noticed any imbalance?” and that is the better scenario than to wait for symptoms. As just one of many examples, there is significant worldwide research proving that DACNB functional neurology has indeed caught many things months and even up to several years before they start to manifest. What a head start that would be!

This is meant to serve as an illustration of how amazing the human brain is at controlling the body and all related systems.  I, Dr. Sullins, DACNB have personally seen patients heal in greater ways than I could even imagine due the effects and power of the brain to heal itself once properly balanced.  Please see the tab or click here 'What others have to say' to see just a few success stories.

There are things that can be done to globally speed up the whole brain or slow down, sedate, the whole brain; but it is much more ideal to focus on specific areas of the brain and balance it. 

Once balanced, the brain exhibits the neuroplasticity that we spoke about on the other page to 'lock in' the proper brain balance.  There are at home as well as in office brain specific exercises, specific high end laser, various ocular specificity, auditory therapy, metronome, and many more therapies to balance brain pathways associated and integrated with the cerebellum, frontal lobes, mesencephalic (fight or flight), parietal areas and more. 

Custom brain exercises are directed at calibrating and integrating the visual-sensory-motor-vestibular systems together. 

Dr. Sullins, DACNB will give a combination of several therapies and brain exercises custom tailored to the patient based on the initial exam to balance the brain as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Upon a custom examination of the pertinent neurological and general systems, you will be given a detailed explanation of how your brain specifically is affecting your body function and quality of life, whether currently symptomatic or not.  A complete detailed plan of what is going on as well as treatments that have been successful in similar situations in the past and what to expect will be explained in office.  Upon the start of treatment, a customized plan of action is administered and constantly reevaluated and updated to optimize each patient's progress.

Whether it be maximizing your brain's potential or assisting in recovering from a brain injury and/or related issues and everything in between, North Shore Brain Balancing is dedicated to helping you be the best you can be.  That's why we say, "From function to pain, it all starts in the brain!"

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